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!!!Fresh Meat!!!

hope i did the cut right..i tend to fuck it up...

Name :Tiffany
Location :bumble fuck hicktown, alaska
Fav Bands/artists:the distillers, devotchkas,unseen,hole/courtney love,casualties,f-minus,crass,subhumans,circle jerks,AFI,sugarcult,rancid,bikini kill,marilyn manson,fabulous disaster,ramones,black flag,cheap sex,lower class brats,36crazyfists,oi polloi,agnostic front,garbage,nofx,bouncing souls,pennywise,blanks 77,delmag(local band),mindless self indulgence,anti-flag...so on
Role models :brody dalle,shirley manson,all the members of the devotchkas and bikini kill,joan jett,janis joplin..all the members of fabulous disaster..karen-o(yeah yeah yeahs)..courtney love...and so on
Reason for joining:just randomly found this community and thought it was a cool community so decided to try my luck and join
favorite colors :prurple,black,pink
favorite cd:hole-celebtry skin the distillers-all their cds crass-penis envy nofx-war on erroism f-minus-wake up screaming devothckas-live fast...die young nirvana-in uetro
favorite food:chips,chocolate,gummy bears,any kind of vegetairian food
favorite song:at the moment norther star-by hole, and tick-by the yeah yeah yeahs and made in NYC-casualties
favorite item of clothing: my jean jacket and red plaid lip service pants
favorite store:another state of mind/the look/value village
current hair style:mohawk..but im growing it out into a trihawk then its going to be pink
peircings/tats? :not yet
drinking/drugs? :tried them and i think they suck for me any way
Least favorite bands:maroon 5,dashboard cofessional,avril fucking lavine,the killers,korn,a perfect circle,ausioslave
What are your opinions on:
Drugs:they bring people down a lot of the time..just look at how many great musicians fucked there lives and careers up with drugs and even died becuase of drugs.if i person chooses to do them then that there choice but id rather not do them. there a waste of time and money and seem just plain stupid
Abortion:i'am pro-choice. its the womens choice to decide what she wants to do with her body. its the womens personal decision not the goverments or a mans.
The Govt.:sometimes the goverment is needed but rarely.sometimes it seems the goverment is doing more bad then good.i mean sure chaotic anarchy would be kick ass but eventually there needs to be some order but are goverment now is not neccesarily the order are country needs. but its not like there much we can do to change it. just be envoled in the elections and vote while we still have the freedom to do that.
What do you think you will bring to this community:an LJ junkie who will post and comment a lot.

and pics of me...unfortunitley..crappy web cam photos..there all i have.
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