+JILL (dissolvemyheart) wrote in horrid_beauty,

stamped. pictures galore. xposted to flb_angels.

yer co-mod got a new digital camera, and being super excited she took a bunch of pics.

behind the cut:

29 PICTURES OF: [click to see]

+no makeup jill
+the vagina shaped picture i made for my brother's birthday
+if i had a mole
+20's lipstick jill with fishy face
+subway uniform watching "Cruel Intentions" on tv jill
+tasha my dog in slumber
+my "Gosling" bag

one mole is real. can you guess?

arm looks boney!

we call this "the cool kid angle"

mm, tastes like chicken!

well i look distressed!

i tried to make it look old. cus retro is sooo in.

hahah i look like a cartoon character here!

old & beat up. cool effect i think.




blur, baby, blur. we don't need no still shots, let the mother fucker blur.

blur, baby blur, disco inblurno!

the next day! before work. wow, a decent profile shot. amazing.

not a monster, my shih tzu.

fucking cuuuute!

makin use of that glasses glare!

thats all for now my horrid beauties!
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